Sunday, November 30, 2014

Backpack Friend For Merry Christmas big Hungry Bear©

Our Thanksgiving mini feast was canceled this year, our school was off due to a power failure.  I know the kiddos were disappointed.  I was able to reschedule our guest speaker from the historical village to come on Dec. 9th.  She has been coming to my classroom for 13 years to teach about long ago and today.  She dresses the part and brings items for the kids to touch (which they always love).  I will post pictures of that later.  When we go back on Monday we will begin December centers and holidays around the world.  I will share pictures of those later too.  We will also be doing many assessments becausse the end of our first semester is right before winter break.  Luckily my daughter is still here for an extended Thanksgiving holiday and is coming in Monday to help check letters, sounds and sight words.

Monday and Tuesday is the TPT Sitewide SALE if you have items on your wish list.

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Here is a picture and a link to my new backpack friend for December.

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