Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yuck Soup

Today we read Yuck Soup by Joy Cowley(c) and made our own Yum, Yuck Soup.  I found the idea last year on Simply Kinder's TPT store. I had to order the book on Amazon and I saved it for this year. I retyped the parent letter to suit my needs.  I wanted everyone to bring in about 1 cup of an item for our soup in a zipper baggie.  I sent out the letter last week with my newsletter so that they had plenty of time to prepare.  We also read Stone Soup the week before. 
We gathered in a circle on the carpet and I had the student pages ready to go with their names written with a highlighter to save time.  We read Joy Cowley's story and discussed the story and pictures.  
We talked about how we could not eat Yuck Soup, but our Yuck Soup would be Yum, Yuck Soup.  

As students were called they had to say what they were adding to the bowl and we would repeat what they said and say "Cereal, Yum yuck soup." and I would write what they brought on their paper.  

I also had a class graph that I marked and X on for each person.   We monitored our graph as we added ingredients. 

I had the kiddos save their baggies.  When the soup was made I called them over and gave them a baggie full of our soup and their paper to take back to their seat to work on as they ate some snack.  
When I felt time was up.  We turned in our papers and zipped our baggies to take home the rest of our soup.  This was a fun activity.  I will read our class book tomorrow and send it home with the students. 

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