Tuesday, February 24, 2015

One Breath Boxes

I just discovered One Breath Boxes today.  Check out this video by teachertipster.com on youtube.

One Breath Boxes

I got inspired to make one using my school districts kindergarten sight words.  Click Here if you would like a copy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

100 Days Of School

Happy 100 days of school!! I hope your 100 day went well for you.  We first began by making our 100 day crowns the day before.  We used sentence strips divided (by me) into sections that we wrote our numbers by 10's on and glued on a colorful 100 that the students decorated with marker. you can see a bit of them in pictures below.

I sent home a letter about our 100 day celebration asking families to help by decorating a t-shirt for their student to wear with 100 of something glued on to it.  Here are just a few.  One student had his 6 yr old b-day and used candles. His mom said they were falling off before school so she brought him another that she quickly made.  His first station was the snack table and they were given a juice box which he spilled on his shirt and it began to fade.  I told him that it still looked great and that his mom was great to make him two shirts.  You can see the bit of a spill in the picture.  It does still look great.

I also sent a letter home asking for help with our 100 day snack items so that each student could get 10 of 10 different snack items.  This center was a sure hit.  
Click on the picture for the link to this letter and recording sheet.  I am sorry it is too late to share for  the 2015 school year.  

 100 Day Snack Letter To Parents

 100 Day Recording Sheet
or click here
The 6 stations that we went to were:
1.  Snack Table

2.  Froot Loop Necklace
Students counted 10 groups of 10 froot loops and then laced them on plastic lacing string.   I recommend having one end taped to the table instead of using a knot.  This works well.  You may want to string a bead between each group of 10 for counting by 10's.

3.  Measurement Center
I put down 100 inches of tape.  Students had to estimate how many pencils, paper clips, unifix cubes and index cards it would take to go across 100 inches. ( I just drew this recording sheet and have never remade it.) Then they laid the items on the tape to find out the amount it really took.    
When they finished they licked a lollipop 100 times and sat quiet for 100 seconds.
4.  writing table
If I had $100.00..... and When I am 100 years old I will...
(I will do baking.)
5.  Race to 100

Every time they rolled the die they were to change crayon color
6.  A bubble game machine with 4 different colors of gum.  We used daubers. 
I am sorry that I didn't get a picture of that one.  We were a bit short handed so this is all that I took.  I wanted a parent at each station and ended up with four.    

I usually only do 5 centers, but with a class of 25, I decided to add one more.