Monday, July 4, 2016

Word Wall

Word Walls provide a reference for sight words, seasonal words, subject matter and new vocabulary.  I like to display my word wall on a large chalkboard in my classroom that I use thin duct tape to divide into squares.  The reason I like to use my chalkboard is because I put little magnets on the back of my words in place of stapling them up. Words with magnets can be used interactively as needed.  (magnetic white boards look even better if you have one.)  You may want to use student names on the word wall.  Write student names on the card highlighting the first letter in their name or putting a little picture of the student near their name.  This is a good reference later in your writing center if students write letters or notes to each other.

What is your classroom theme this year?  Are you planning a word wall to match your decor?

Below are just a few samples of word walls that I have created.  I have just about every color there is. Click on the pictures or words if you want to see them in more detail.
This Word Wall Can also be found with a Chevron print

These letters also have a beginning sound picture cue.  
Click here to see it in black, orangegreen, blue, pink and here for purple

 Monkey/Jungle Theme Word Wall

 Pig Theme Word Wall

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Special Days In February -Freebies

Let's begin with Groundhogs Day. 
I made this cute graphing resource for my class and thought you might like to use it too. 
It has a question page to attach to your chart paper, (Will the groundhog see his shadow?) along with yes and no groundhogs. Just print and you will have an attractive whole class graph.
I know I am hoping that he doesn't see his shadow!  Click HERE to grab the free graph!

This freebie has a groundhog puppet and song, 2 writing prompts, (one prediction and one fact), along with a short to tall sequencing paper. There are also several video clip links. 
I hope you and your students will find this product useful!  Click HERE to grab this freebie!

This is a sample count and clip pack.There are 12 cards from 10-20. My other count and clips go from 1 - 20.  Students will have fun practicing their one-one counting using this count and clip center activity. Students count the pictures on the card and clip the correct answer with a clothespin. If you don’t want to buy clothes pins you can have students use dry erase markers to circle the answer. Just print, laminate and cut out the cards. 
You can write the answer on the back or place the answer on a sticker on the back to make this center self checking.  Click Here for count and clip!

On To Valentine's Day Freebies

Have you been to Target to get your little valentine owl erasers. Here is the PERFECT use for those erasers. Use these owl valentine addition mats to find the number that makes 10 (or 20) when added to the given number by using objects or drawings and record the answer with a drawing or equation K.OA.A.4.  Recording Sheets included. Click Here For Addition Mats
I wanted a very simple Candy Graph to use with my kindergarten students. I used Sweetheart ® brand candy hearts when deciding color for this graph. Students will sort their candy by color, count how many and graph that many. Then they which color had more and which color had less. They will then add two of the colors together. If you need a simple one page graph, maybe this will work for you too.  Click HERE.

Here are two simple activities to do on the Smart board.  Nonsense Word - Read the nonsense word, then cover it with a valentine and Number Sort - Sort the valentine mail into the more than 10 mailbox or less than 10 mailbox.  Click here to grab this Smart board activity. 
Attach these to a snack bag filled with Teddy Bear crackers or Fish crackers as a Valentine’s Day gift!!  Click here. 

Students can say or write the missing number on the slides. Missing numbers are from 1-20.
Grab this freebie here

Last is Dental Health
Dental Health Graphic Organizers Include: 
Three things I know about teeth
Label the Tooth Fairy 
Can, Have, Are

February sure is busy with all of those special days.  Check out some of the other February items in my store as well.  Tooth Fairy Add The Room, Dental Health Write the Room, and Groundhog Measure The Room just to name a few.  

Monday, November 16, 2015

Salsa Recipe

I watched Erin Lewis make salsa on periscope (@ErinLewis) back in June.  She inspired me to give it a try too.  She said to tweak the recipe for your own taste, so I tried it 4 or 5 times before I actually wrote it down and use the same thing all of the time.  Well --today I left out the garlic, because my husband said it seemed like he could taste something all day the last time (could have been cilantro:).
I make salsa all of the time now.  My girls love it and it is calorie friendly.  I use it on those little sandwich thins with pizza sauce for a pizza topping.  Here is what I came up with.
3 heaping cups of tomatoes chopped
1/2cup sweet peppers
1 cup sweet onion
1/4 cup cilantro cut up
1T. jalapeno pepper
1 clove galic minced
1/2t. ground salt 1/2t. pepper(to taste)
Watch this very short video of all of the ingredients
mixed together from my periscope today. I had one viewer this afternoon.  I guess everyone is outside enjoying this great fall weather or just busy teaching. 
Click here. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

October Freebies

If your looking for a few quick (and free) activities for October to use in your PK - 1 Classroom, I hope you can find what your looking for here. These would be great for extras at a center or for a time filler. 

 Tricky Teens Fall Memory Game

Click Here For the Tricky Teen Memory Game

Game Board Editable -Trick-Or-Treat (Freebie)

Click Here For this Fun Trick or Treat

Students will love playing games that you create for them using this Trick-Or-Treat theme game board with editable cards. It is perfect for creating games to practice math or literacy skills. Type letters, sight words, phonics patterns, math problems, missing numbers and more right on the card. Create games on the level of what your class needs to practice. You can edit and make several games using the same board and cards. You decide what words or problems to put on the cards. Players select a card and move around the board according to the color on the top of the card.

Make 10 Smart Board -Halloween Freebie

Click Here To Find this Addition Freebie

Free Pumpkin Eyes -A Shape Recognition Chant For SMART Board

Click Here To Find This Activity.

Do you need a quick and easy way to reinforce shapes? Pumpkin Eyes is a fun way to reinforce shapes during the month of October. I usually do it during calendar time in my classroom. Recite the poem 2 times, pausing the first time through for the student to pick what kind of shape they want for the pumpkin eyes. Then say it again. Students will love to get a turn picking and moving the eyes and having the chant said to them. I have also included seasonal youtube links for you to enjoy if you have a few minutes

Mr. Jack Problem Solving Mat -Freebie
Students use this mat and candy corn counters (or candy) to solve addition and subtraction problems.  Some suggested problems are included.  Mr. Jack had 2 teeth on the top and 3 teeth on the bottom.  How many teeth did he have in all?   When children tire of doing this have them create a problem of their own and write it at the bottom of the mat.  Then they can eat the candy corn.  

Halloween Puzzles -Freebie

Click Here To Find Puzzles
Enjoy these Halloween Puzzles. Counting by 10"s and Counting by 5"s (Color Only)
And Since Fire Safety is also in October 

Fire Safety Puzzles Freebie

Click Here For Fire Safety Freebie

Number Sense Task Cards

Here are some fall number sense task cards showing numbers, tally marks, number words, ten frames and fingers. They can be used for math center games, intervention, or whole class activities.  Print on Card Stock, laminate and cut apart. 

Click Here For Task Cards
I hope you found something that your class can use.  Happy Fall Y'all!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Back To School

10 Finds For Back to School

I went on a search to find sellers that had less than 2,000 followers with great freebies to offer for back to school.   This may help the new sellers to gain more followers if you like their products.  

1.  Tickled Tennessee Teachin'
These colorful supply labels will certainly brighten up your classroom!

Classroom Supply Labels {FREE}

2.   Teach Joy and Love  follow @teachjoyandlove on periscope.
Chavonne shows you how to organize your center materials for easy access and easy set up.

Organizing Your Centers {FREEBIE}

3.  Alana London
Alana gives us the recipe for magic playdoh, with a charming verse to go with it.  Adorable!
( Sometimes on orientation day I would read the story Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni and pass out a baggie with a little blue and yellow ball of dough to take home.)

4.  Special Teacher For Special Kids
With this take home bulletin board activity students create a cut out that represents themselves and their special qualities.  

5.  Chelsea Allen - Flip Floppin Through 3rd Grade
This is a set of six back to school forms. Some forms are editable, so you can type right onto the page. 

Great if you use environmental print to start your year. 

David stories help us start the school year out right by giving us a platform for setting rules and expectations for our classroom and/or school.  Includes QR Codes, bookmarks, writing/drawing pages.  

8.  Joanne Miller 
Joanne has over 2,000 followers but I thought this one was so important for you to see. Everyone should review these each year before school begins.  

9.  Emily Bess
This is a workpage to go along with the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom for a beginning of the year name activity. Students can add the letters of their name going down the tree.

10.  Kindergarten Couture (I had to  have one too!)
Students pair uppercase letters to their lowercase match.

Alphabet Matching Cards -(Back To School) Freebie

Thank you for reading.  Check out these newer sellers and all that they have to offer.
Have a GREAT Beginning to a new school year!

Sunday, June 7, 2015


My Kindergarten is having a 1000 follower giveaway until June 15th on her blog.  She had a lot of TPT sellers send products, so she has 5 different packs to try to win.  Check it out.   My Kindergarten Giveaway

My Zoo Animal Super Bundle is in pack #2.

Friday, April 24, 2015

April Showers

April Showers Bring Mud Puddles
Those are the words I usually hang up on this bulletin board with 
a cloud and rainbow border, but this year I got a bit lazy.  

When I take it down we use the mud puddle handprints
to put inside a Mother's Day Card.

This is the inside of the card.  We will decorate the front 
saying Happy Mother's Day of course.  I am planning on
passing out some of those foamy flowers you see on the right.  
Click here for the hand print poem freebie.