Saturday, October 18, 2014


We used our senses and discovered many things about apples during the month of September and October.  Recently we did a few math lessons related to apples. We heard the story Ten Apples Up On Top.
I didn't have the book so I went on and found a few that I liked.  I especially liked the story sung  by Jason Mraz.  Then we made our own counting book based upon this story.  We used the pages found here:  (Ten Apples Up On Top )On some pages the students used ellison apples and on some pages they used apple stickers, which were smaller and fit better with the larger numbers.  We used our school picture stickers and drew bodies on them and then put the apples up on top!

Later in the week we did a math lesson on positional words.  This I See Apples booklet reviewed spatial vocabulary and concepts.  We use ellison mini apples again for this activity.

Here is our What Color Apple Do You Like To Eat graph.  We used the mini apples again:)

Our Trip To the Apple Orchard.  Thankfully the rain stopped before we arrived. 

What number do you see?
We are standing on the highest point in Medina County.


Apple Picking Fun.

Stopping for a group picture in front of  this wonderful display.
This is the apple sorting/washing room.

This is the cooler.  It smells sooooo good in here. 

Our applesauce was yummy,
on Apple Day!

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