Friday, October 16, 2015

October Freebies

If your looking for a few quick (and free) activities for October to use in your PK - 1 Classroom, I hope you can find what your looking for here. These would be great for extras at a center or for a time filler. 

 Tricky Teens Fall Memory Game

Click Here For the Tricky Teen Memory Game

Game Board Editable -Trick-Or-Treat (Freebie)

Click Here For this Fun Trick or Treat

Students will love playing games that you create for them using this Trick-Or-Treat theme game board with editable cards. It is perfect for creating games to practice math or literacy skills. Type letters, sight words, phonics patterns, math problems, missing numbers and more right on the card. Create games on the level of what your class needs to practice. You can edit and make several games using the same board and cards. You decide what words or problems to put on the cards. Players select a card and move around the board according to the color on the top of the card.

Make 10 Smart Board -Halloween Freebie

Click Here To Find this Addition Freebie

Free Pumpkin Eyes -A Shape Recognition Chant For SMART Board

Click Here To Find This Activity.

Do you need a quick and easy way to reinforce shapes? Pumpkin Eyes is a fun way to reinforce shapes during the month of October. I usually do it during calendar time in my classroom. Recite the poem 2 times, pausing the first time through for the student to pick what kind of shape they want for the pumpkin eyes. Then say it again. Students will love to get a turn picking and moving the eyes and having the chant said to them. I have also included seasonal youtube links for you to enjoy if you have a few minutes

Mr. Jack Problem Solving Mat -Freebie
Students use this mat and candy corn counters (or candy) to solve addition and subtraction problems.  Some suggested problems are included.  Mr. Jack had 2 teeth on the top and 3 teeth on the bottom.  How many teeth did he have in all?   When children tire of doing this have them create a problem of their own and write it at the bottom of the mat.  Then they can eat the candy corn.  

Halloween Puzzles -Freebie

Click Here To Find Puzzles
Enjoy these Halloween Puzzles. Counting by 10"s and Counting by 5"s (Color Only)
And Since Fire Safety is also in October 

Fire Safety Puzzles Freebie

Click Here For Fire Safety Freebie

Number Sense Task Cards

Here are some fall number sense task cards showing numbers, tally marks, number words, ten frames and fingers. They can be used for math center games, intervention, or whole class activities.  Print on Card Stock, laminate and cut apart. 

Click Here For Task Cards
I hope you found something that your class can use.  Happy Fall Y'all!

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