Monday, January 26, 2015

Groundhogs Day

If you are looking for some ideas to celebrate Groundhogs Day I just posted this freebie in my TPT store.
Click here for link.

Here is one of the writing pages.   Students are ask to write a fact they they can remember about groundhogs. 

Students cut out the ground hogs and sequence them on another page from shortest to tallest. 
Here is a sample of the puppet. 

Fishy Addition

Happy New year! (A little late.)  We have been practicing our adding and subtracting skills. I wanted to share with you this super find on TPT.  It is a craftivity with hands on math.  I gave the students a ten frame and some green and orange mini fish cut from our ellison.  We practiced making 10 using 2 colors of fish.  (Erica provides cut outs if you need them.) They turned out cute.  Tearing paper is a good fine motor skill.  They had a bit of a time with that part.  Some wanted to take out their scissors and I wouldn't let them.

Our new years resolutions