Thursday, December 11, 2014

Long Ago and Today

Every year Mrs. Williams from our Historical Village comes in to teach us about long ago and today. The kids love it because they can touch and play with all of the "stuff" that she brings in.

She reviews everything then has them do a new and old sort.

Here are some pictures of our lesson about long ago and today.
We used this to wash clothes. 

This is how your mom may have dressed long ago. 
A wooden nail.
A doll made from fabirc scraps. 

This is a cheese box. 
This is a wooden bowl.  Many things were made from wood. 
An old iron. 
A phone that you had to dial. 

Let's sort old and newer items. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Inclusion Week

The story Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer is perfect for inclusion week.  We discuss how Rudolph was left out because he looked different and how he felt about that.  We talked about playing games and how we should include everyone. Then we made a Rudolph craft to display for the month of December in the hallway with the words Everyone Is Included.  The faces on their Rudolph's are so adorable,-not as plain as my sample.  We also read the story The Littlest Elf.  In the story the other elves were nice to the little elf, but he was too small to do the jobs the other elves did.  In the end the little elf made friends with a little reindeer and they came up with a special job of helping others on their own.  That was another good story for inclusion week.