Monday, July 4, 2016

Word Wall

Word Walls provide a reference for sight words, seasonal words, subject matter and new vocabulary.  I like to display my word wall on a large chalkboard in my classroom that I use thin duct tape to divide into squares.  The reason I like to use my chalkboard is because I put little magnets on the back of my words in place of stapling them up. Words with magnets can be used interactively as needed.  (magnetic white boards look even better if you have one.)  You may want to use student names on the word wall.  Write student names on the card highlighting the first letter in their name or putting a little picture of the student near their name.  This is a good reference later in your writing center if students write letters or notes to each other.

What is your classroom theme this year?  Are you planning a word wall to match your decor?

Below are just a few samples of word walls that I have created.  I have just about every color there is. Click on the pictures or words if you want to see them in more detail.
This Word Wall Can also be found with a Chevron print

These letters also have a beginning sound picture cue.  
Click here to see it in black, orangegreen, blue, pink and here for purple

 Monkey/Jungle Theme Word Wall

 Pig Theme Word Wall