Thursday, January 28, 2016

Special Days In February -Freebies

Let's begin with Groundhogs Day. 
I made this cute graphing resource for my class and thought you might like to use it too. 
It has a question page to attach to your chart paper, (Will the groundhog see his shadow?) along with yes and no groundhogs. Just print and you will have an attractive whole class graph.
I know I am hoping that he doesn't see his shadow!  Click HERE to grab the free graph!

This freebie has a groundhog puppet and song, 2 writing prompts, (one prediction and one fact), along with a short to tall sequencing paper. There are also several video clip links. 
I hope you and your students will find this product useful!  Click HERE to grab this freebie!

This is a sample count and clip pack.There are 12 cards from 10-20. My other count and clips go from 1 - 20.  Students will have fun practicing their one-one counting using this count and clip center activity. Students count the pictures on the card and clip the correct answer with a clothespin. If you don’t want to buy clothes pins you can have students use dry erase markers to circle the answer. Just print, laminate and cut out the cards. 
You can write the answer on the back or place the answer on a sticker on the back to make this center self checking.  Click Here for count and clip!

On To Valentine's Day Freebies

Have you been to Target to get your little valentine owl erasers. Here is the PERFECT use for those erasers. Use these owl valentine addition mats to find the number that makes 10 (or 20) when added to the given number by using objects or drawings and record the answer with a drawing or equation K.OA.A.4.  Recording Sheets included. Click Here For Addition Mats
I wanted a very simple Candy Graph to use with my kindergarten students. I used Sweetheart ® brand candy hearts when deciding color for this graph. Students will sort their candy by color, count how many and graph that many. Then they which color had more and which color had less. They will then add two of the colors together. If you need a simple one page graph, maybe this will work for you too.  Click HERE.

Here are two simple activities to do on the Smart board.  Nonsense Word - Read the nonsense word, then cover it with a valentine and Number Sort - Sort the valentine mail into the more than 10 mailbox or less than 10 mailbox.  Click here to grab this Smart board activity. 
Attach these to a snack bag filled with Teddy Bear crackers or Fish crackers as a Valentine’s Day gift!!  Click here. 

Students can say or write the missing number on the slides. Missing numbers are from 1-20.
Grab this freebie here

Last is Dental Health
Dental Health Graphic Organizers Include: 
Three things I know about teeth
Label the Tooth Fairy 
Can, Have, Are

February sure is busy with all of those special days.  Check out some of the other February items in my store as well.  Tooth Fairy Add The Room, Dental Health Write the Room, and Groundhog Measure The Room just to name a few.